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Catalog Number 11-009
Format Standard Play CAV
MPAA Rating
Running Time 119 minutes

Pressing Location DiscoVision Carson
Label Color Blue
Year Issued 1979
Side Frames Running Time
1 35,972 24min 58sec
2 34,150 23min 42sec
3 34,658 24min 04sec
4 32,413 22min 30sec
5 34,184 23min 44sec
171,377 119min 00sec
Dead Side Various
Video Transfer
Audio Transfer
Large Open-Top
Side-Open Sticker
Price History
Silver Catalog $15.95
November 1979 $24.95
May 1980 $24.95
August 1980 $24.95
October 1980 $24.95

Pressing Notes

"Sensurround" effects were not transferred in this pressing of Rollercoaster, although the annoying Sensurround music is very present during all the rollercoaster sequences. There are reports of very troublesome sides 2 & 5 due to excessive speckling and laserlock.

The video transfer is rather annoying. It appears that some sides were transferred directly from the 35mm theatrical anamorphic prints, which give everyone that "thin" look. Other sides seem to be properly Panned and Scanned (a term I personally despise - 'properly panned and scanned') within the unsqueezed 2.35:1 projected image. Some folks attribute this to the way the 2.35 image was composed, and simply transferring the anamorphic image, or a partially unsqueezed image would require fewer visual pans and scans during the transfer to video. Regardless, it's annoying.

There is a brief period of true "letterboxing" on side 5 when our psychopathic rollercoaster bomber is looking through the instamatic camera at the tourists. To my knowledge, this is the first example of letterboxing on video.

Known Dead Sides

Release History

Rollercoaster was finally reissued after a long absence on MCA/Universal Home Video as a 2 sided CLV title (Catalog #: 41397). It still doesn't have the Sensurround track.

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