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Catalog Number 21-003
Format Standard Play CAV
Running Time 88 minutes

Pressing Location DiscoVision Carson
Label Color Blue
Retail Price $9.95
Year Issued 1979
Side Frames Running Time
1 34,592 24min 01sec
2 30,889 21min 27sec
3 28,882 20min 03sec
4 26,011 18min 04sec
120,374 83min 35sec
Video Transfer
Audio Transfer
Side-Open Sticker

Pressing Notes

A business tycoon has precious few days left in his life and rather than leave his money to his greedy family, sets out to find complete strangers, giving away a cool $1,000,000 to each. The film follows (briefly) each as their lives are changed by the money.

This disc includes the standard Black & White Bumpers. DiscoVision was up to its incredible magic on this title, giving the old 1932 Paramount Picture a very decent transfer. The print has some very noticeable splices throughout and it is obvious there are frames missing. However, the audio does not pop at the splices and remains smooth for the duration of the film. The audio is crisp and clear and it's easy to understand as the wealthy millionaire bellows at his doctor, secretary and so forth. There is mild surface noise from the print, but not more than one could expect from a film so old. DiscoVision really did excellent work on their black and white transfers. Eliminating the colorburst went along way to keeping the images preserved.

On side 2, beginning at frame 21443, the image is completely lost. The picture is restored at frame 21453. A similar error has been encountered on side 2 of The Bionic Woman. This defect is not present on all copies.

Release History

If I Had a Million was not reissued on LaserDisc. Portions of the film were issued as part of The Lubitsch Touch (Catalog #: 43226).

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