Coal Miner's Daughter
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Catalog Number 15-005
Format Extended Play CLV
MPAA Rating
Running Time 124 minutes

Pressing Location DiscoVision Carson
Label Color Red
Retail Price $29.95
Issued July 1981

Side Chapters Running Time
1 2 42 min
2 2 41 min
3 3 40 min
7 123 min
Dead Side Glue Spray
Video Transfer
Audio Transfer
Printed Jacket

Pressing Notes

Coal Miner's Daughter in CLV was issued within a year of the CAV version and was spanned across 3 sides. The video transfer appears a bit softer than the CAV version and has terrible color. I know this isn't the way the film is supposed to look based on the clip from the film which is included in Loretta, from the DiscoVision music catalog. There are some brightness correction errors throughout, where the image lightens too much too quickly to compensate for a scene. This is the same type of trouble that was experienced with The Electric Horseman. The audio transfer is clean and clear but lacking in the high-ends, as usual.

Replication was very surprising, but not great. Based on some of the product which DiscoVision produced in 1981 out of the Carson facility, I would have expected the normal raft of over-abundant speckles and missing tracks. Even the Glue Spray side doesn't affect the playback. The jacket tends to be a bit on the small side, which causes the discs to bulge at the lower edge. The LaserVision logo is clearly visible on both the front and back of the jacket and Extended Play is clearly identified as well.

Release History

Coal Miner's Daughter was reissued by MCA/Universal Home Video in a 3 sided CLV/CAV version (Catalog #: 15005). This version was released in October 1992.

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