1977 DEMO

©1977 MCA DiscoVision®

Pressing ID 0912
Format Standard Play CAV

Pressing Location Torrence
Label Color White
Manufactured February 1977
Side Frames Running Time
1 42,808 29min 43sec
Video Transfer
Audio Transfer

Pressing Notes

This disc, which could be considered the first demonstration disc for the MCA DiscoVision system by some, was not used to any extent beyond the 1977 single sided test pressings. It is listed here only because copies from as late as 1979 have appeared in collector's hands. Much like the more well known Consumer Demonstration Disc, the disc includes only samples of programming material. The disc begins with the original opening bumpers for MCA Disco-Vision. Next comes a fairly in depth 10 minute film on the Polaroid SX-70 camera, complete with operating instructions and theory of operation. This is followed by a short World Wide of Sports montage from ABC-TV accompanied with a jazzed up version of the Peter Gunn theme. The next program is a pair of hands tying knots and displaying Three Card Monty. The "hands" section is recorded in English and Spanish - This is essentially the same component that is on the US Demo Disc, but the card trick is this time is "Follow the Ace" rather than "Follow the Queen". Finally, we have the National Geographic program, Man: The Incredible Machine. However, only the first 16½ minutes of the program are present, with the program simply cutting off during an explanation of the esophagus. None of the material on the disc was ever issued in any other form with the exception of the National Geographic program. A significantly altered version of the program was issued through Vestron Video (Catalog #: VL1040) as "The Incredible Human Machine".

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