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Catalog Number 16-020
Format Extended Play CLV
MPAA Rating
Running Time 132 minutes

Pressing Location Universal Pioneer Japan
Retail Price $29.95
Label Color Red
Year Issued 1981

Side Chapters Running Time
1 4 47 min
2 5 42 min
3 5 43 min
14 132 min
Dead Side Disco-Vision Blue
Video Transfer
Audio Transfer

Pressing Notes

The CLV edition of The Blues Brothers replaced CAV version the following year. The title spanned 3 Extended Play sides and was pressed in Japan. With this edition, all the chapter stops are listed correctly. The transfer, both audio and video, is the same exact transfer used for the CAV edition. However, the side breaks are placed at more intelligent locations in the film.

Release History

The Blues Brothers was released in September 1990 from MCA/Universal Home Video as a 3 sided CLV/CAV disc with Digital Stereo (Catalog # 16020). Universal Studios Home Video also released a deluxe edition of The Blues Brothers as part of their Signature Collection. This new edition is THX® certified and presented in the original aspect ratio of 1.85:1 with a Dolby Digital AC-3 soundtrack. The Deluxe Edition (Catalog #: 43475) was issued in September 1998.

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