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Catalog Number 11-001
Format Standard Play CAV - 1st Edition
MPAA Rating
Running Time 129 minutes

Pressing Location DiscoVision Carson
Label Color Blue
Year Issued 1978
Side Frames Running Time
1 41,019 28min 29sec
2 41,005 28min 28sec
3 39,301 27min 17sec
4 41,667 28min 56sec
5 24,327 16min 53sec
187,319 130min 05sec
Dead Side Various
Video Transfer
Audio Transfer
Large Open-Top
Side-Open Sticker  
Price History
Silver Catalog $15.95

Pressing Notes

The video transfer of The Sting is bland and unremarkable. It appears faded and at times out of focus. While the colors are sharp, they are hampered by the overly robust contrast which gives everything a harsh edge. The reds are especially noisy. There are obvious watermarks (blue spots) about 26 minutes into side 1. There are poor splices which manifest themselves by the image hopping through the telecine gate. The audio received equally poor treatment. Foot falls are too sharp and overly pronounced. The musical score, which brought ragtime back to the forefront in the early 70's, is dull and unexciting. The ADR used to bring the harsh language down from an "R" to a "PG" rating is all too noticeable. DiscoVision elected to use the red bumpers for sides 2-5.

There are two different masterings of sides 4 & 5 which incorporate a different side break. The initial edition is the frame counts referenced above. Side 4 continues for 4,435 frames beyond the 'remastered' version, to a natural fade to black in the film. Side 5 then begins with "The Sting" title card. Check the mint marks when assembling a set. D1 & E1 match and are from the first run. D2 & E2 (or higher) are from the subsequent run, with the "longer" side 5.

Known Dead Sides

Release History

The Sting was issued in 1982 by MCA Videodisc. It was later issued as a 3 sided CLV/CAV version (Catalog #: 11001) Pan & Scan edition with Digital Audio. The title features windowboxed opening and closing credits. Some of the odd watermarks are still present, but the transfer is a much needed improvement over the DiscoVision editions.

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