Yesterday's Enterprise
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Cause and Effect
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Episode 63 Episode 118
Airdate February 19, 1990 Airdate March 23, 1992

Catalog Number PLTEB-37071
Format Extended Play CLV
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Table of Contents
Running Time 88 minutes
Side Chapter Running Time
1 16 44min 41sec
2 21 48min 37sec
37 93min 18sec
Pressing Location Pioneer LDC - Japan
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Issued February 5, 1998

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Yesterday's Enterprise
Directed by David Carson
Teleplay by Ira Steven Behr, Richard Manning, Hans Beimler and Ronald D. Moore
From a Story by Christopher Ganino & Eric A. Stillwell
Executive Producer Gene Roddenberry
Starring Patrick Stewart
Jonathan Frakes
Also Starring LeVar Burton
Michael Dorn
Gates McFadden
Marina Sirtis
Brent Spiner
Wil Wheaton
Guest Stars Denise Crosby
Christopher McDonald
Tricia O'Neil
Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan
Stardate 43625.2
The Enterprise discovers a rift in space that reveals a familiar-looking starship - its predecessor, the U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-C, believed to have been destroyed in battle over twenty years ago! The ship's captain (Tricia O'Neil) tells Picard (Patrick Stewart) that the Enterprise-C was under attack from four Romulan Warbirds when it broke through the rift. But Guinan (Whoopi Goldberg) is bothered by things she can't explain: why the Federation is presently engaged in a bloody and senseless war with the Klingon Empire, and why she doesn't seem to know her ship's security chief, Tasha Yar (Denise Crosby). Convinced that the space rift has changed the course of history, Guinan pleads with Picard to send the Enterprise-C back through the rift to face its destiny.

But will Picard give such an order, knowing that it will result in the destruction of the Enterprise-C and it's crew?

Cause and Effect
Directed by Jonathan Frakes
Written by Brannon Braga
Executive Producers Gene Roddenberry, Rick Berman &
Michael Piller
Starring Patrick Stewart
Jonathan Frakes
Also Starring LeVar Burton
Michael Dorn
Gates McFadden
Marina Sirtis
Brent Spiner
Guest Stars Michelle Forbes
Patti Yasutake and
Kelsey Grammer as Captain Bateson
Stardate 45652.1
Red Alert! Red Alert! The Enterprise is trapped in time and doomed to eternal destruction.

When the starship enters the Typhon Expanse, a previously unexplored region of space, Dr. Crusher (Gates McFadden) encounters a feeling of déjà vu while playing cards. Then in Sickbay, she examines a dizzy Geordi (LeVar Burton) and experiences the same sensation again. Later, there is a problem on the bridge and the main propulsion systems collapse. Suddenly, an older starship appears out of the Expanse on a collision course. Evasive maneuvers fail and the two ships collide and explode!

Instantly, the officers are playing poker again. Soon, the entire crew realizes they are stuck in a causality loop, endlessly repeating the same fragment of time. Now they must figure out a way to escape the loop or be doomed to eternal destruction. Guest starring Kelsey Grammer as Captain Bateson.

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