Life Life
Dolby Digital
Digital Sound
Dolby Surround
Run Time: 109 min
2 sides
Chapter Stops
Table of Contents
Catalog No: LD84437-WS
Suggested List Price: $29.98
Issued: October 26, 1999
Features 5.1 channel Dolby Digital (AC-3) soundtrack
Presented in the 1.85:1 aspect ratio of the original 35 millimeter theatrical prints

New York City, 1932. Small-time hustler Ray Gibson (Eddie Murphy) and fellow gambler Claude Banks (Martin Lawrence) find themselves deep in debt to the owner of swank Club Spanky's. Fortunately, Spanky comes up with a way for the boys to pay him back - a bootlegging run smuggling Mississippi's finest hooch. Unfortunately, the job lands them in a Mississippi State Prison with a life sentence. Over the course of the next 60 years, Ray and Claude witness hardship and kindness, cruelty and forgiveness, life and death. But their humorous outlook on life prevails as their friendship deepens and endures. Together, they never lose hope that one day they will once again walk outside the prison walls as free men.

Updated: November 3, 1999
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