Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Digital Sound CX Encoded
Dolby Surround
Run Time: 118 min
3 sides
Chapter Stops
Table of Contents
Catalog No: LD83657-WS
Suggested List Price: $34.98
Issued: November 17, 1998
Presented in the 2.35:1 aspect ratio of the original 35 millimeter anamorphic theatrical prints

When a writing assignment lands journalist Raoul Duke (Johnny Depp) and his sidekick Dr. Gonzo (Benicio Del Toro) in Las Vegas, they decide to make it the ultimate business trip. But before long, business is forgotten and trip has become the key word.

Fueled by a suitcase full of mind-bending pharmaceuticals, Duke and Gonzo set off on a fast and furious ride through nonstop neon, surreal surroundings and a crew of the craziest characters ever (including cameo appearances by Cameron Diaz, Christina Ricci, Gary Busey and many others). But no matter where misadventure leads them, Duke and Gonzo discover that sometimes going too far is the only way to go.

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