Dante's Peak
THX LaserDiscdts Digital Surround
CX Encoded
PG-13 MPAA cc
Image Entertainment
Run Time: 109 min
2 sides
Chapter Stops
Table of Contents
Catalog No: 43364
Suggested List Price: $39.99
Issued: March 25, 1998
Features 5.1 channel DTS Digital Surround soundtrack
Presented in the 2.35:1 aspect ratio of the original 35 millimeter anamorphic theatrical prints
Without warning, day becomes night. Air turns to fire, and solid ground gives way to white-hot, molten terror. Brace yourself for action-packed, earth-shaking thrills, and whatever you do...don't look back! Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton star in an epic adventure from Director Roger Donaldson that will blow you away!

Welcome to Dante’s Peak, a serenely beautiful town in the Pacific Northwest, nestled in the shadow of its majestic namesake: a volcano which has been dormant for so long, residents believe it to be extinct. However, recent seismic activity prompts the U.S. Geological Survey to send volcanologist Henry Dalton (Brosnan) to investigate the mountain. Alarmed by what he finds, Dalton enlists the aid of Mayor Rachel Wando (Hamilton) to help him convince local skeptics and doubting colleagues that the sleeping giant is about to awaken - with more devastating force than an atomic bomb. Who will survive when the inferno unleashes its fury? The answer will leave you breathless!

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