River Wild
THX LaserDiscdts Digital Surround
CX Encoded
PG-13 MPAA cc
Image Entertainment
Run Time: 111 min
2 Sides
Chapter Stops
Catalog No: 43275
Suggested List Price: $44.99
Issued: August 20, 1997
Presented in the 2.35:1 aspect ratio of the original 35 millimeter anamorphic theatrical prints
Features 5.1 channel DTS Digital Surround soundtrack
Hang on tight for a suspense-filled action-thriller the San Francisco Chronicle calls "the season's most exhilarating entertainment!"

Oscar® winner Meryl Streep gives a powerhouse performance as Gail, a mother who organizes a white water rafting trip to celebrate her son's birthday and salvage her shaky marriage. A former river guide, Gail's no longer the risk-taker she was in her youth, but her skills and courage are put to the ultimate test when an encounter with three mysterious strangers threatens to turn a family vacation into a living hell.

Also starring Kevin Bacon and David Strathairn, this "pulse pounding thrill ride" (Rolling Stone Magazine) is a masterpiece of action, suspense and unforgettable storytelling from the director of "The Hand that Rocks the Cradle."

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