Fierce Creatures
Digital Sound CX Encoded
Dolby Surround
PG-13 MPAA cc
Run Time: 94 min
2 Sides
Chapter Stops
Table of Contents
Catalog No: 43228
Suggested List Price: $34.98
Issued: July 1, 1997
Presented in the 2.35:1 aspect ratio of the original 35 millimeter anamorphic theatrical prints
Jamie Lee Curtis, John Cleese, Michael Palin and Academy Award® - winner Kevin Kline -- the stars of the smash hit A Fish Called Wanda -- return for another hysterically funny farce.

The outrageous fun begins when ruthless media mogul Rod McCain (Kline) acquires England’s Marwood Zoo. Determined to transform the quaint, little zoo into a money-making attraction, McCain sends his sexy marketing executive, Willa (Curtis), and his lecherous son, Vince (also Kline) to whip the place into shape. Upon arrival, however, they discover Marwood’s straight-laced director, Rollo (Cleese), has already implemented his own harebrained scheme to boost attendance: from now on the zoo will do away with cute, cuddly animals and display only "fierce creatures."

Things take a wild and woolly turn when the outraged zoo keepers, led by insect expert "Bugsy" Malone (Palin), launch a riotous revolt to save their furry friends!

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