Digital Sound CX Encoded
Dolby Surround
Run Time: 88 min
2 sides
Chapter Stops
Catalog No: 43124
Suggested List Price: $34.98
Issued: September 23, 1997
Presented in the 1.85:1 aspect ratio of the original 35 millimeter theatrical prints
Aidan Quinn, Courteney Cox, and Anthony LaPaglia star in this dark, romantic comedy from Executive Producer Ivan Reitman about a decent man who dares to ask, "Why me?"

Seth Warner (Quinn) has lost everything in his life that he holds dear - his wife, his job and his home. All of which, he suspects , is neither accident nor coincidence. He feels that he is, for some inexplicable reason, the target of Godís wrath. At the end of his rope, Seth is taken in by his sister-in-law, Rachel (Cox) who is trapped in a miserable marriage with her corrupt husband, Harry (LaPaglia). It is in their care that he forms a bizarre plan to seek revenge on the Almighty. By breaking each of the Ten Commandments, he attempts to get even and force an answer from above. What follows is a series of twisted events that leads them to believe that when you have nothing left to lose, you have the strength to risk it all.

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