Divided by Hate
Digital Sound CX Encoded
Dolby Surround
PG-13 MPAA cc
Image Entertainment
Run Time: 92 min
2 Sides
Chapter Stops
Catalog No: 43043
Suggested List Price: $39.99
Issued: August 20, 1997
Presented in the 1.85:1 aspect ratio of the original 35 millimeter theatrical prints
Tom Skerritt plays the Reverend Steve Riordan, a minister in the fertile hills of the farm belt. It's 1984, and times are bad for the poor farmers of the area. The Gibbs are no exception. Louis Gibbs (Dylan Walsh), his wife Carol (Andrea Roth) and their three children have been hurt by the bad economy and their circumstances are becoming desperate.

The Reverend begins holding frequent religious meetings and becomes somewhat of a visionary for the community. Using his influence to sway the unfortunate to his anti-government way of thinking, he brainwashes Carol and Gibbs' children with promises of a better life if they follow him. Ultimately, a showdown involving the FBI, the Reverend's militia and Louis Gibbs is necessary to free his family from the dark influences of the cult.

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