Mirage / The List of Adrian Messenger
Widescreen Encore Edition Double Feature

Digital Sound CX Encoded
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MirageThe List of
Adrian Messenger
1.85:1 1.66:1

Run Time: 207 min
4 Sides
Chapter Stops
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Catalog No: 42939
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Issued: February 11, 1997

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Presented in the 1.85:1 aspect ratio of the original 35 millimeter theatrical prints
Mirage begins with two blackouts: One in a downtown Manhattan skyscraper, the other in the mind of a business executive (Gregory Peck) who suddenly realizes that he is suffering from amnesia. With the hired help of a private eye (Walter Matthau), Peck tries to piece together his past from intermittent flashes of memory - some real, others imagined, and all of them seeming to tie in with the suspicious suicide of a world figure who plummeted from the building’s 27th floor the night of the power outage. A mystery woman (Diane Baker) appears and disappears, a pair of killers (George Kennedy, Jack Weston) make Peck a target - and, as his mental block slowly crumbles, he begins to recognize that he doesn’t want to remember. What terrible memory could prompt a man to force from his mind the story of his entire life? Edward Dmytryk’s expert direction and on-location Manhattan photography combine for a mystery/chase melodrama in the Hitchcockian tradition.
Original Theatrical release: 1966

The List of Adrian Messenger

Presented in the 1.66:1 aspect ratio of the original 35 millimeter theatrical prints
A vicar checks a mysteriously heavy suitcase aboard a transatlantic airliner and then marches into the men’s room, where instead of washing his face, he peels it off. Donning a new disguise, the mystery man quickly leaves London Airport as the explosive device in his bag blasts the plane out of the night sky over the ocean. But Adrian Messenger, the intended victim of this murderous master of disguises, survives long enough to gasp out a few cryptic phrases - important clues for Anthony Gethryn (George C. Scott), the retired British intelligence officer determined to apprehend his friend Adrian’s killer. In addition to its bizarre murder plot, this witty suspense story from director John Huston features one of Hollywood’s most outlandish "gimmicks": Beneath the false faces of five of its characters is a quintet of movie mega-stars - Kirk Douglas, Frank Sinatra, Burt Lancaster, Robert Mitchum and Tony Curtis. Can you solve the twin mysteries of The List of Adrian Messenger?
Original Theatrical release: 1963

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