In the Navy
Digital Sound CX Encoded cc
Run Time: 85 min
2 Sides
Black & White
Catalog No: 41101
Suggested List Price: $34.98
Issued: January 23, 1992

In this rollicking nautical musical comedy, Abbott and Costello are two sailors bound for duty on the high seas. They befriend singing star Dick Powell, who has ditched the limelight for a quiet enlisted life, and must help him evade an ambitious reporter intent on using his new identity for her big story. To complicate matters even further, Pomeroy (Costello) has fallen for Patty, one of The Andrews Sisters, and puts on a charade to impress her. The action starts with a dance hall brawl and ends with Pomeroy playing captain of the battleship. The hilarious highjinks are punctuated by fabulous musical numbers, making In The Navy a classic entertainment treasure!

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