Run Time: 128 min
3 sides
Catalog No: 40082
Suggested List Price: $39.98
Issued: July 12, 1984
Alfred Hitchcock was at the height of his skill in 1957 when he directed Vertigo, a mix of mystery, ghost story, romance and murder. James Stewart stars as a San Francisco police detective who quits the force when he finds he has a debilitating fear of heights. An old college chum hires Stewart to secretly tail his wife (Kim Novak), a blonde beauty seemingly possessed by the spirit of her great-grandmother Carlotta - who went insane and took her own life. Circumstances force Stewart and Novak to meet and the two fall in love, but Stewart’s vertigo makes him unable to prevent her from leaping to her death from a church tower. Now in an emotional free-fall, Stewart becomes romantically obsessed with the dead girl, and morbidly tries to remold a lookalike redhead (also played by Novak) in her image.

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