CX Encoded
Run Time: 115 min
2 Sides
Catalog No: 40075
Suggested List Price: $34.98
Issued: March 14, 1985

Stephen King’s best-selling novel, Firestarter, comes blazing to the screen in this film produced by Dino De Laurentiis. Drew Barrymore stars as an eight-year-old girl with the amazing ability to start fires with just a glance. Can her power and the love of her father save her from the clandestine government agency, "The Shop," that wants her destroyed? An all-star cast with George C. Scott, Martin Sheen, Louise Fletcher, Art Carney, David Keith, Heather Locklear and fiery special effects by the masters who worked on Star Wars, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial and Raiders of the Lost Ark make Firestarter truly hot entertainment.

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