The Bride of Frankenstein
CX Encoded
Run Time: 79 min
2 Sides
Black & White
Catalog No: 23003
Suggested List Price: $34.98
Issued: November 7, 1985

Four years after Frankenstein was released, James Whale directed a now-classic sequel to his gothic chiller, one of the best sequels ever made, if not indeed superior to the original: Bride Of Frankenstein.

After Dr. Henry Frankenstein’s horrific experiment in bestowing life upon a corpse ended tragically, he retreated to his castle to recover from his injuries. Unfortunately, a mad scientist, Dr. Pretorius, locates him and blackmails him into creating a female – a bride for the lurching monster (Boris Karloff) that escaped being burned alive, and now wanders the countryside. Although the monster has had the good fortune to meet a blind hermit who demonstrates kindness to him and teaches him how to speak, he is more than upset when even the bride created expressly for him recoils in horror at the sight of him!

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