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Blam Entertainment Group is proud to offer this complete list of Video Disc products, including LaserDisc, DVD, VHD and CED videodisc programs based upon George Lucas' Star Wars®.
Every NTSC LaserDisc edition is now accounted for. All US DVD versions are also included.

All known editions from England and France are now included.
Editions from Germany are pending.
Any help in locating other editions will be most helpful.

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LaserDisc titles released in the United States, Canada and Japan are included in this listing. VHDs from Japan, CEDs from the US and DVDs issued in the US and Canada (Region 1) are also listed. is the Official Star Wars site on the web. The site includes information on all things Star Wars®, including the feature films, books, games and more. Star Wars on Video in the US is available through Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

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Star Wars® is a Registered Trademark and all related marks are Trademarks of LucasFilm, Ltd.

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