Star Wars Trilogy - Definitive Collection
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Catalog Number PILF-1757
Standard Play CAV
Pressing Location Pioneer LDC, Inc - Japan
Retail Price ¥42,000
Issued February 21, 1994
Dolby Surround
LaserDisc GraphicsMulti Audio

Front Cover Back Cover
Book Cover

The complete Star Wars trilogy was remastered and restored using LucasFilm's THX LaserDisc Certification process. All three films are presented in the Standard Play CAV format, offering full feature access to every frame of the films. Filling out the sixth side of each feature is a batch of supplements, also in the Standard Play format.

Included in the deluxe box set were the three film housed in their own sleeve, along with 16-page booklet with production notes and Chapter Stop information. Also included is a hard bound book, George Lucas: The Creative Impulse, a 208-page chronicle of LucasFilm's first twenty years. The printing in both the booklet and the book is Japanese. In addition, the commentary tracks are Japanese translations of the original comments made by the film producers. Where the US set replaced the complete audio on the analog tracks with the commentary audio, the Japanese edition limits the commentary audio to Channel 2/R and maintains a mono film soundtrack on 1/L - maintaining audio playback ability on every LaserDisc player ever manufactured.

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