Star Trek: The Original Series
The Trouble with Tribbles
©1967 Paramount Pictures Corp. and Norway Corp. All rights reserved.
Episode:  42     Airdate:  December 29, 1967
Star Trek: The Animated Series
More Tribbles, More Troubles
©1973 Filmation Associates-Norway Production. All rights reserved.
Episode:  1     Airdate:  October 6, 1973
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Trials and Tribble-ations
©1996 Paramount Pictures. All rights reserved.
Episode:  103     Airdate:  October 28, 1996

Catalog Number PLTEB-36231
Format Extended Play CLV
Table of Contents
Theatrical Trailer
Running Time 115 minutes
Program Chapters Running Time
TOS 19 49min 06sec
TAS 12 23min 22sec
DS9 19 46min 39sec
50 118min 57sec
Pressing Location Pioneer LDC - Japan
Retail Price £19.99
Issued August 11, 1997

Dolby Surround

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Star Trek: The Original Series
The Trouble with Tribbles
Directed by Joseph Pevney
Written by David Gerrold
Produced by Gene L. Coon
Executive Producer Gene Roddenberry
Starring William Shatner
Leonard Nimoy
DeForest Kelley
Guest Stars William Schallert
William Campbell
Stanley Adams
Whit Bissell
Stardate 4523.3
Tribbles, furry creatures which eat incessantly and multiply at warp speed, cause headaches for Kirk and company while on assignment to protect a grain shipment on Space Station K-7. Here, they encounter the cuddly creatures who've begun munching their way through the grain while rapidly filling every nook and cranny of the starship. Adding to Kirk's woes are a troublesome trader and some nasty Klingons bent on sabotaging the grain shipment!

This episode is Mono.

Star Trek: The Animated Series
More Tribbles, More Troubles
Directed by Hal Sutherland
Written by David Gerrold
Produced by Lou Scheimer & Norm Prescott
Starring William Shatner
Leonard Nimoy
DeForest Kelley
James Doohan
Majel Barrett
George Takei
Nichelle Nichols
Stardate 5329.4
While returning to a famine-ridden Sherman's planet with a cargo of quintotriticale, the USS Enterprise encounters a Klingon warship, commanded by Captain Koloth, who is detaining the trader Cyrano Jones. Kirk rescues Jones from the Klingon vessel and discovers him to be carrying a new breed of tribbles which have been genetically altered to slow their reproductive process. However, these tribbles are unable to resist the cargo of quintotriticale the USS Enterprise is carrying. The Enterprise crew soon realizes that the consumption causes the tribbles to grow to a tremendous size. So much so, that Jones' tribble-eating glommer is unable to devour them.

The Klingons return and demand that Kirk hand over Jones, accusing Jones of stealing the glommer from them. Instead of handing Jones over to the Klingons, Kirk returns the animal along with some of the tribbles.

This episode is Mono.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Trials and Tribble-ations
Directed by Jonathan West
Teleplay by Ronald D. Moore & René Echevarria
Story by Ira Steven Behr & Hans Beimler & Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Executive Producers Rick Berman & Michael Piller
Starring Avery Brooks
Also Starring René Auberjonois
Michael Dorn
Terry Farrell
Cirroc Lofton
Colm Meaney
Alexander Siddig
Armin Shimerman
Nana Visitor
Stardate 4523.7
No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. That really is the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 of Captain James T. Kirk and crew. But what are Captain Benjamin Sisko (Avery Brooks) and several of his crew doing on it?

The USS Defiant is returning from Cardassian space with the Bajoran Orb of Time. A Klingon named Arne Darvin, surgically altered to look human, has come aboard as a passenger. He uses the Orb to send the USS Defiant more than one hundred years into the past. Darvin plots to change history by and killing James T. Kirk, who exposed Darvin as a Klingon spy trying to poison a grain shipment stored on Deep Space Station K-7. Stopping the assassination isn't the only problem facing Sisko and his crew. In fact, they're facing 1,771,561 problems. They've beamed aboard the USS Enterprise when it's awash in those pesky, nettlesome, ever-multiplying critters, called Tribbles.

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