Inside Star Trek: The Real Story
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Catalog Number PILF-2792
Format Extended Play CLV
Subtitles in Japanese
Table of Contents
Running Time 49 minutes
Chapters Running Time
4 48min 55sec
Pressing Location Pioneer LDC, Inc - Japan
Retail Price ¥3,800
Issued March 24, 2000

Dolby Surround

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Directed by Donald R. Beck
Written by Yvonne Fern Solow, Herbert F. Solow &
Robert H. Justman
Produced by Yvonne Fern Solow, Herbert F. Solow &
Donald R. Beck
Who directed the pilot for the original Star Trek series? Where was it filmed? Who really built the Enterprise? You may own The Star Trek Encyclopedia, and you may have seen every episode, but you still don't have all the answers! For the first time, the men and women who worked behind the scenes on the most popular science fiction television series ever created invite you to boldly go where no fan has gone before. In-depth interviews will introduce you to the writers, directors, producers, technicians and artists who breathed life into the original Star Trek series. You'll discover their greatest joys, their deepest sorrows and everything else you ever wanted to know about the greatest show in the galaxy. There are no actors and no special effects. Just the truth.

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