This Side of Paradise
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The Devil in the Dark
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Episode 25 Episode 26
Airdate March 2, 1967 Airdate March 9, 1967
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Catalog Number PILF-161513
Format Extended Play CLV
Languages English
Table of Contents
Running Time 102 minutes
Side Chapters Running Time
1 5 51min 57sec
2 5 51min 32sec
10 103min 29sec
Pressing Location Pioneer LDC - Japan
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Issued November 10, 1992

Multi Audio
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This Side of Paradise
Directed by Ralph Senensky
Teleplay by D.C. Fontana
Story by Nathan Butler and D.C. Fontana
Produced by Gene L. Coon
Executive Producer Gene Roddenberry
Starring William Shatner
Leonard Nimoy
Guest Stars Jill Ireland
Frank Overton
Featuring DeForest Kelley
Stardate 3417.3
Spock in love!

On Omicron Ceti III, the Enterprise discovers the colonists unaffected after three years' exposure to deadly Berthold rays. Spock is reunited with an old friend, Leila Kalomi (Jill Ireland), who exposes him to strange spores causing Spock to release his emotions, and he promptly declares his love for her. The spores affect the entire Enterprise crew, which has beamed down to the planet. Kirk, under the spores' influence, prepares to abandon ship. But if he leaves, no one can beam back up!

The Devil in the Dark
Directed by Joseph Pevney
Written by Gene L. Coon
Produced by Gene L. Coon
Executive Producer Gene Roddenberry
Starring William Shatner
Leonard Nimoy
Featuring DeForest Kelley
Ken Lynch
Stardate 3196.1
The Enterprise is summoned to investigate a deadly "monster" which is menacing the miners on Janus IV. Kirk discovers that a strange rock-life being called a "Horta" has been killing the men, then escaping through solid rock! The Horta steals the air circulation pump, threatening all with death. Kirk wounds the creature, but suddenly it corners him! Will Kirk become the next victim? And how can Spock survive a Vulcan mindmeld with this alien lifeform?

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