The Complete Collection
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Catalog Number PILF-1572
Format Extended Play CLV
Pressing Location Pioneer LDC, Inc - Japan
Retail Price ¥35,000
Issued February 10, 1993
Dolby Surround
LaserDisc Graphics

Front Cover Back Cover

The first six feature films from Star Trek, presented in widescreen for the first time in Japan and included Japanese subtitles. This box set was the only way to get the films in widescreen until CIC Video released the films individually a year later. Jacket artwork was exactly the same to all editions.

The discs in this set were each packaged in their own jackets with film specific artwork. The Motion Picture and The Voyage Home were packed in gate-fold jackets. As a special bonus, the set included a 9th disc - the 93 minute 25th Anniversary Special. This is the same program that was issued as a stand-alone disc in the US and it was never issued alone in Japan.

The Motion Picture is the Theatrical Release version. The Voyage Home is the Paramount Director's Series edition.

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