Flesh and Blood
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Episode 153 & 154
Airdate November 29, 2000

Catalog Number LV40840-253
Format Extended Play CLV
Running Time 92 minutes
Side Running Time
1 46 minutes
2 46 minutes
92 minutes

Dolby Surround

Directed by Mike Vejar & David Livingston
Teleplay by Bryan Fuller, Raf Green & Kenneth Biller
Story by Jack Monaco and Bryan Fuller & Raf Green
Executive Producers Rick Berman, Brannon Braga &
Kenneth Biller
Starring Kate Mulgrew
Also Starring Robert Beltran
Roxann Dawson
Robert Duncan McNeill
Ethan Phillips
Robert Picardo
Tim Russ
Jeri Ryan
Garrett Wang
Stardate 54315.3
The USS Voyager answers a distress call from a Hirogen training facility, only to find a holographic environment littered with Hirogen corpses. The holographic technology given to the Hirogen by Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) for hunting training has been modified to the point where the prey have become the hunters. The holograms have not only become self-aware, but are essentially a new race, seeking refuge from "organic" slavery and brutality. Seeking to liberate one of "their own," the holograms kidnap the Doctor (Robert Picardo), who soon finds himself torn between his loyalties to Voyager and his holographic brethren.

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