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The Conscience of the King
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Episode 12 Episode 13
Airdate October 27, 1966 Airdate December 8, 1966

Catalog Number 60040-006
Running Time 100 minutes
Retail Price $19.98
Issued February 22, 2000
Languages / Channels English 5.1
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Directed by Vincent McEveety
Written by Adrian Spies
Produced by Gene Roddenberry
Starring William Shatner
Leonard Nimoy
Guest Stars Kim Darby
Michael J. Pollard
Featuring Grace Lee Whitney
DeForest Kelley
Stardate 2713.5
Investigating an old style distress signal, Kirk, Spock, McCoy and a landing party beam down to a planet that's identical to Earth. They find a decaying 20th Century city inhibited by only "ancient children," diseased by a life-prolonging project that killed off the adults 300 years before. Aging imperceptibly, the children contract the disease when they reach puberty. Among the rubble, Kirk discovers Miri (Kim Darby), their only hope for survival, when all are stricken with the still contagious plague.

The Conscience of the King
Directed by Gerd Oswald
Written by Barry Trivers
Produced by Gene L. Coon
Executive Producer Gene Roddenberry
Starring William Shatner
Leonard Nimoy
Guest Stars Arnold Moss
Barbara Anderson
Featuring DeForest Kelley
Grace Lee Whitney
Stardate 2817.6
Mass murderer aboard the Enterprise!

Kirk beams up Anton Karidian (Arnold Moss) and unknown to him, danger lurks in the corridors of the starship. Could Karidian be Kodos the Executioner, thought to have died 20 years ago? When Karidian's Shakespearean acting troupe performs, beware...the play's the thing!

Watch closely for your only chance to see the Observation Deck; it's not seen in any other episode. And bid farewell to Lt. Kevin Ripley in his last appearance in STAR TREK.

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