The Cage
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Catalog Number 13870-7
Running Time 133 minutes
Issued November 18, 2008
Languages / Channels English 5.1
English 2.0 Mono
Spanish 2.0 Mono
French 2.0 Mono
Interactive Menus
Episode Average
Chapters Run Time
1 (Color) 4.59 mb/s 5 63min 26sec
1 (B/W & Color) 4.30 mb/s 6 70min 51sec

The Cage
Directed by Robert Butler
Written by Gene Roddenberry
Produced by Gene Roddenberry
Starring Jeffrey Hunter
Susan Oliver
Leonard Nimoy as Mister Spock
Majel Barrett
John Hoyt
Peter Duryea
Laurel Goodwin

Stardate Unknown
This is the first voyage of the Starship Enterprise. Kirk's predecessor, Captain Christopher Pike, tries to rescue an earth crew that disappeared eighteen years earlier. But it's a trap! Pike is imprisoned in a zoo-like cage and studied by a mysterious higher life form.

The Cage is presented here in two versions. The first is a mixture of Color and Black & White footage, reconstructed from Gene Roddenberry's personal work print and color footage from The Menagerie. At the time of this reconstruction, the only known color print for The Cage was used in the actual editing process of The Menagerie, several minutes of the original color film were destroyed. However, in late 1988, Paramount was able to acquire the "lost" footage, and the result is the second version of The Cage, presented here in this splendid, restored color version.

The original Color/B&W version (labeled as Episode 99 for some unknown reason) includes the introduction and closing comments of creator Gene Roddenberry and has retained the original 2.0 mono soundtrack. The color version has been digitally enhanced and includes a 5.1 surround soundtrack.

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