The Complete First Season

Front Cover

Catalog Number 13119
Running Time 1475 minutes
10 Combo HD-DVD/DVDs
Retail Price $217.99
Issued November 20, 2007
HD-DVD Languages / Channels TrueHD 5.1 English
Plus 2.0 English
Plus 2.0 Spanish
DVD Languages / Channels 5.1 English
2.0 French
2.0 Spanish
Interactive Menus
HDi Starship Tour
"Starfleet Access"
on seven episodes


The complete first season of Star Trek: The Original Series is now available in HD-DVD/DVD Hybrid disks! This set contains all 29 episodes - in airdate order - from Season One of the original Star Trek series, featuring digitally remastered video, new CG effects and remastered audio, along with newly produced bonus features exclusive to this release.

CBS Paramount Television
Updated: November 27, 2007
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