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17. Resources

17.1 What are some places to mailorder laserdiscs from?

Please help me update these!

17.2 Are there any good laserdisc magazines I can subscribe to?

From Bill Cruce (wlrc@uhura.neoucom.edu)

The following list of laserdisc/video magazines contains information I believe to be accurate as of July 1993, but I guarantee nothing :-) VIDEO and VIDEO REVIEW have been omitted because everyone knows how to find them. These are magazines I am personally familiar with. There are others as well ...

Web magazines:

Catalog of (almost) all Laser Discs in print (but no reviews): Magazines devoted (largely) to Laser Disc software reviews: Magazine with more emphasis on Video Hardware (But some Laser Disc software reviews and considerable discussion of the source movies and technology of framing, transfer, etc.):

17.3 Is there a guide to Bob Niland's articles?

Excerpted from Bob Niland's (rjn@csn.org) LD#00: Index of Articles on Laser Video Disc (LD) 04 Jul 94

You may request any of these at any time. Recent copies are also available for anonymous ftp on:

Niland's articles are also available through the WWW, at address http://www.tde.lth.se/home/hf/ce/ld/lda/index.html.

Note: If you fail to include one or two known-valid email addresses in your email request, I cannot guarantee you will receive anything. Do not rely on the return path of your request being usable.

Timelines: This index and the listed articles are available on other networks and BBS's on which I have no access. If the date at the top of this index is over 90 days old, you almost certainly have an out-of-date copy of the index. Please ask for an updated index when requesting an article.

All articles are flatfile ASCII (no non-standard HP ROMAN8 or standard ISO Latin-1 eurochars) and fit in 80 columns. Caution: some are over 64KB long and the complete set is around 800 KB.

Feel free to request articles by number.

No. Topic                                                          Revision
--  ---------------------------------------------------            ---------
1.  Introduction to Laser Video Disc.  Contains info on            04 Jul 94
    LD that you won't easily find anywhere else.
2.  Introduction to imported LDs.                                  10 Jul 93
3.  Introduction to surround sound.                                16 Apr 93
4.  LD media quality report.                                       30 Mar 91
5.  How to return a defective LD to Pioneer.                       18 Feb 92
6.  Introduction to Criterion Collection.                          22 Nov 91
7.  Current Voyager Press (Criterion Collection)                   Monthly
    catalog summary.
8.  LD loaning agreement.                                          30 Dec 90
9.  Identifying LD mint marks.                                     26 Apr 93
10. LD "Best Practices" suggestions for producers.                 13 Jul 92
11.                  00 Abc 00
12. CAV still-frame: ramblings on 3-2 pull-down and white flags.   01 Apr 93
13. LD care and repair.                                            13 Jul 92
14. LD retail sources: national mail order and Colorado            22 Jul 93
15. A summary of articles on IDTV.                                 16 Mar 92
16. Looking back: CED                                              05 Mar 92
17. What is a "defect"?                                            06 Aug 92
18. Tips for LD retailers                                          01 Mar 92
19. Glossary of LD/Video/Cinema terms (in progress)                
20. Bibliography of LD/Video/Cinema titles                         22 Aug 93

Short subjects - These articles will disappear when they are incorporated
into planned larger articles.

91. LD Player purchase suggestions.                                22 Jul 93
92. Y/C ("S-video") connection on LD.                              28 Oct 92
93. LD-101 "A Video Standard" disc summary.                        16 Jan 92
94. How to buy a CD player (applies to LD audio).                  16 Jan 92
95. Laser Disc Newsletter overview.                                13 Jul 92
96. How is LD "analog"?                                            21 Jan 92
97. CAV vs CLV                                                     24 Jan 94
These articles are updated frequently and feedback is solicited. They also probably contain errors, as the author is not a video professional. These articles contain information that I want to know, and when I find it, I write it down. They exist because no one in the industry or in the trade press has done the same.

Bob Niland
Internet: rjn@csn.org

17.4 What good WWW-pages are there for people interested in LDs?

I maintain a jumpgate for different LD pages at http://www.iki.fi/leopold/AV/. From there you can find links to many other LD WWW-pages.

17.5 What are some other Internet resources for LD info?

(Please help me build this list.)

18. People You Might Want to Avoid

I have considered for a long time if I want to add this section to the FAQ. Unfortunately, as the Internet spreads there are always some clueless idiots who have nothing else to do with their lives than to try to con you out of your money, or just disturb everyone else's conversation. Thus, I have decided to finally add this section to the FAQ.

18.1 Scam Artists

These are people who are proven scam artists: either they took someone's money and didn't send proper discs, or they took someone's discs and didn't pay for them. If you are going to buy or sell used discs, do not deal with these people, at least not without strong precautions.

If anyone of you feel you have been added to this list without a good reason, mail me (leopold@cs.tut.fi). You will be removed if you are able to convince me.

18.2 Flamethrowers

This is a list of sad people whose existence seems to be dependent of them flaming, trolling or just otherwise disturbing any conversation they happen to see on alt.video.laserdisc. My belief is we'll all be better off if these people are just quietly ignored. If no-one answers them, they will probably grow tired and move elsewhere.
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