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Catalog Number 16-017
Format Standard Play CAV
MPAA Rating
Running Time 103 minutes

Pressing Location DiscoVision Carson
Label Color Blue
Retail Price $29.95
Year Issued 1980
Side Frames Running Time
1 35,670 24min 46sec
2 38,196 26min 31sec
3 36,380 25min 15sec
4 36,622 25min 25sec
146,868 101min 59sec
Video Transfer
Audio Transfer

Pressing Notes

The Last Married Couple in America was created on DiscoVision right in the middle of IBM's reign over the disc replication. During this period, the films which made it to disc were transferred with a deep brown tint to everything. Contrast is under fairly decent control, but the brightness is too high and washes everything out. The brown tint to everything makes the interiors of our "happy couple's" house look wonderful, with the real wood fixtures and decor, but it also gives the late Natalie Wood a permanent tan.

The audio transfer is possibly the worst audio transfer ever produced for videodisc. There are no highs, too many lows and it sounds as if they recorded the audio by placing a microphone in front of a 1½"x3" cone speaker from a 12" black and white television and turning the volume up too loud.

Disc replication is typical with that produced by the Carson facility at the time. Copies examined contain excessive speckles, far more than those discs produced prior to IBM's involvement. In fact, the more I think about it, the entire viewing experience of this title on DiscoVision feels like I am watching the film as a Sunday mid-day movie on the local independent TV station.

Release History

The Last Married Couple in America was never reissued on LaserDisc.

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