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Catalog Number 10-007
Format Standard Play CAV
MPAA Rating
Running Time 104 minutes

Pressing Location DiscoVision Carson
Label Color Blue
Retail Price $15.95
Year Issued 1978
Side Frames Running Time
1 42,430 29min 27sec
2 40,291 27min 58sec
3 36,623 25min 25sec
4 29,876 20min 44sec
149,220 103min 37sec
Video Transfer
Audio Transfer
Side-Open Sticker

Pressing Notes

The discs are mastered using the red bumpers. The opening DiscoVision bumper can be seen in its entirety as frame 0 is encoded at the beginning of the bumper. The film does not include the standard DiscoVision tag at the end which discusses copyright protection. The film simply ends and the spiral bumper comes on.

The transfer is wonderful. The film is shot very neutral and plain but when something important is displayed, like the blood on Billy's face after the plane crash or the fires of Dresden after the bombing. The audio is full and well presented. I was shocked to hear the bass which is present at the end of side 2 during the orchestral movements. Replication is very clean as well, with only minor speckling present. The side breaks chosen by DiscoVision are interesting in that the first two sides are crammed full, with sides 3 & 4 running only 45 minutes total. Still, there are no tracking difficulties or laserlock present.

Release History

Slaughterhouse Five was issued in 1987 by MCA Home Video (Catalog #: 10007/ID5092) in a package deal with several other titles through Image Entertainment. All copies were pressed by 3M Manufacturing. It has since been reissued in a Widescreen 2 sided CLV edition on MCA/Universal Home Video (Catalog #: 42577).

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