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Pressing ID 0903
Format Standard Play CAV
MPAA Rating
Running Time 144 minutes

Pressing Location Torrence
Label Color White
Manufactured January/February 1977
Side Frames Running Time
1 34,362 23min 10sec
2 34,043 23min 38sec
3 36,267 25min 11sec
4 35,827 24min 52sec
5 33,265 23min 06sec
6 32,150 22min 19sec
204,914 142min 18sec
Video Transfer
Audio Transfer

Pressing Notes

The video transfer of this test pressing of The Day of the Jackal is overly dark. It's not a contrast problem as with so many of the other "dark" transfers from the production stage of DiscoVision, it's just too dark. There are portions of the film where there is no visible information at all. For example, on the first side when the leader of the OAS is put to death by firing squad, you can't see anything at all. Colors throughout the rest of the film are fairly good, but not as good as the production transfer of the title. The audio transfer appears to be the same as that of the production run with almost no high-end material and the same annoying deep hum that will drive sub-woofer equipped systems into fits. Most of the film is presented here. There are spots at at least one side-break where there is about 10 seconds of film missing. Since the disc contains no bumpers or opening logos, the frame counts are among the most accurate of any DiscoVision title. This could account for the difference in running times for this version and the production edition. There are no obvious changes to the film which would indicate a Television or similar cut of the film was utilized for this transfer. Disc replication is pointless to mention as these test discs were hand picked from the completed run. There are some speckles present but overall, the discs are fairly clean.

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