The Andromeda Strain
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Pressing ID 0901
Format Standard Play CAV
MPAA Rating
Running Time 137 minutes

Pressing Location Torrence
Label Color White
Manufactured February 1977
Side Frames Running Time
2 40,672 28min 14sec
3 42,701 29min 34sec
4 35,494 24min 38sec
Video Transfer
Audio Transfer

Pressing Notes

The test pressing reviewed was missing sides 1 and 5. Presumably, they have simply been lost however, there are no known other copies of the title. As with other test pressings, this would likely not have been the final representation of what we would have seen - had the title ever been released by DiscoVision. The pan & scan transfer is awful, complete with mechanical panning of the film which is painful to watch. The video transfer is overly saturated on this test disc which causes some high-contrast ghosting.

This test pressing boasts one of the longest test pressing sides (or regular production sides for that matter), clocking in at over 29½ minutes. Side 3 has a mastering error which causes the video to tear at the top of the screen from frame 25,093 to 25,102. Sync control in some players is affected, and the player may skip several hundred frames when the error is encountered. Others, like the VP-7200 which was used for isolation of this trouble, simply play happily through the error.

Updated: August 15, 1999
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