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Mint Mark 51-013A1-4
Format Standard Play CAV

Pressing Location DiscoVision Carson
Label Color Green
Year Manufactured 1978
Side Frames Running Time
1 38,219 26min 32sec
Video Transfer
Audio Transfer
Side-Open Sticker

Pressing Notes

For a long time, it was thought there was an Extended Play CLV test pressing of Side 1 of this program. This pre-production disc is an un-bonded single sided disc which clearly looks like a CLV disc (see the image on the right - click to enlarge). When played, it plays "as" a CAV disc which lead some to suspect it was mistakenly coded as CAV as was Side 3 of Deliverance. However there is no rotional speed decrease as the disc plays. Because the vertical interleave is not aligned from one frame to the next, freeze frames are incorrect. The encoded play surface is the relatively the same as the actual production disc and the frame rate is the typical 1440 fps of film.

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