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Catalog Number 12-0004
Format Extended Play CLV

Pressing Location Carson
Label Color Red
Manufactured 1978
Side Running Time
1 48½ min
2 47½ min
96 minutes
Video Transfer
Audio Transfer

Pressing Notes

This pre-production pressing was made in 1978, prior to the launch in Atlanta. It was obtained from one of the DiscoVision engineers. The disc is a fully mastered, labeled, production quality disc - and is in Extended Play. DiscoVision had not indicated in any of the catalog information that this title was intended to be Extended Play as they had done with "Animal House". A very early attempt at Extended play, DiscoVision wanted to perfect the Extended Play system to keep replication costs per movie down. DiscoVision didn't intend to release feature films in CAV. This disc is a clear indication as to the strugles with CLV. Both copies obtained are identical, and plays cleanly through the first 30 minutes or so. At this point, players will start to skip. It isn't a player issue, the skipping occurs in the same place on multiple players on both copies.

Running times between this version and the production Extended Play version issued in 1981 are identical. Spiral production disc bumpers are present at the beginning and end of each side. The transfer is the same as the first CAV editions, with the over saturated colors, high contract and blue hue in the dark scenes.

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