March 26, 1980

U.S. Pioneer Electronics announced today in New York that it will sell its laser optical videodisc player in four markets including Madison, Wisconsin beginning in June. Other introductory markets are: Minneapolis/St. Paul; Dallas/Fort Worth; and Syracuse, New York. The player will have a suggested retail price of $749.00 and is one of the first consumer laser products.

Pioneer plans to expand into approximately four more markets every 60 to 90 days.

The videodisc player gives the consumer the capability of playing his favorite movies, operas and other program material on his own TV. The picture quality of the videodisc is much better than that obtained with videotape and the videodisc also offers stereophonic sound or dual languages. When used with educational program material, the videodisc player can be used as a teaching device since it offers features such as slow-motion, freeze-frame, rapid scan and random access to any frame on the disc when specified by frame number.

Updated: November 5, 1996

Press Release materials graciously donated by Chris Cain.