New York, Mar. 26[, 1980] -- In conjunction with the announcement that it will begin to market its consumer laser optical videodisc player this June, Pioneer indicated that it will also pursue its own approach to software program development.

"Our continuing research and analysis of the market indicates that potential buyers of Pioneer brand players will also have their own unique software preferences," stated Ken Kai, executive vice president of U.S. Pioneer. "Therefore, we are announcing today the creation of Pioneer Artists."

Kai indicated that the "business mission of Pioneer Artists will be to produce and to acquire software that will be primarily in the category of stereophonic musical performances and will cover the broad spectrum of music categories.

Pioneer indicated that it is confident that other potential suppliers of software will be announcing their plans to market laser-optical discs within the next several months. Pioneer believes there will be a strong 400-500 title library by the time they are in national distribution during 1981. "We are confident that DiscoVision Associates has the capacity, the resources and the commitment to support the manufacture of a library of this magnitude within the next year," said Kai.

"Pioneer is firmly committed to the laser-optical videodisc as the best system for a consumer player in the long term. Pioneer recognizes that success in the videodisc market places requires a strong, well planned and coordinated effort including software and hardware, manufacturing and marketing. Pioneer will be actively involved in all phases of this business to insure the success of our laser-optical videodisc introduction," Kai concluded.

Updated: November 5, 1996