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Catalog Number 51-013
Format Standard Play CAV

Pressing Location DiscoVision Carson
Label Color Green
Retail Price $9.95
Year Issued 1979
Side Frames Running Time
1 38,218 26min 32sec
2 35,004 24min 18sec
73,222 50min 50sec
Video Transfer
Audio Transfer
Side-Open Sticker

Pressing Notes

One of the eight titles from "The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau" released on DiscoVision, The Coral Divers of Corsica follows the exploration and reckless adventures of a diver who harvests the precious coral from depths of 300 feet and more. The video transfer, taken from a 16mm print is typical of the other Jacques Cousteau titles from the Silver Catalog. The contrast and color balance are under control and display the wonders of undersea photography. The audio transfer is typical for the 16mm optical track, with little excursion into the upper and lower frequency range. The opening DiscoVision bumper is recorded at too loud a level and distorts terribly as a result. Disc replication is average, with some minor high frequency speckling on most copies.

For a long time, it was thought there was an Extended Play CLV test pressing of Side 1 of this program. Having examined the disc, which is an un-bonded single sided disc, it clearly looks like a CLV disc. The typical 'V' pattern is missing from the playing surface. However, when the disc is played, it is clearly a CAV disc. The exact reason for the unique coding is unknown - however one could speculate that testing was being done to see how playback was affected with different encoding routines. Of course, it could also be a complete fluke and a total screw up on the mastering lathe.

Release History

The Coral Divers of Corsica was never reissued on LaserDisc.

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