MCA DiscoVision

Presented here is a section is a group of articles surrounding MCA DiscoVision and the origins of the Optical Video Disc. The articles were published in a variety of sources including press conferences, magazines and technical journals. Also included are articles written by noted authorities on MCA DiscoVision.

American Cinematographer
MCA Demonstrates Disco-Vision - February 1973

Moving Carefully to Market - October 2, 1978

American Film
Disc Fever - March 1979

Widescreen Review - Laser Magic 1998
World on a Silver Platter - History of Optical Disc

Videodisc Mergers? - February 1979
Videodiscs on Sale - March 1979
Videodisc! - April 1979
Videodisc Network - June 1979
Videodiscs rising - October 1979
3M into Videodiscs - November 1979
IBM into Videodiscs - December 1979

The Record That Plays Pictures

TIME Magazine
Video in the Round - October 20, 1975

Popular Science
Here at Last-Videodisc Players - February 1977

TV Guide
Videodiscs are Coming - November 1978

The Perfect Vision
Collecting DiscoVision - Fall 1991

Popular Electronics
Life with Videodiscs - March 1981

The Videophile
Report from Japan - April/May 1981
Product Report: Pioneer VP-1000 Player - April/May 1981
The Videodisc Question - June/July 1981

The MCA Disco-Vision System

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