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Dead Side Submission

DeadSides are simply extra sides that were used to fill out a program which had an odd number of sides. Since LaserDiscs are two bonded discs, a program needing 1, 3 or 5 sides would have to be married to something to make a complete disc. After 1982, programs that required a blank side received a special program on the back side that has become known as the "flipped turtle". While Pioneer was the only manufacturer to use the "flipped turtle" image, all LaserDisc manufacturers came up with a blank program for these odd sided titles.

However, in the days of DiscoVision, they found a use for all the defective and/or over=pressed sides that they were producing. By applying a coating to the disc, it would prevent a player from attaining focus on the disc. This worked well until some studious collectors found that a little elbow grease and rubbing alcohol would remove the coating and reveal the 'hidden treasure' below.

There is no way to catalog all of the dead sides that were produced. However, it is interesting to document those that have been found. Each odd-sided title listed on this DiscoVision web site includes a list of known dead sides which have been found on them. We invite you to submit your deadside finds through this form. Your finds will be added to the page.

Thanks for taking the time and your interest in DiscoVision.

1) On what DiscoVision title did you locate this DeadSide?

2) What is the catalog number of this title?

3) What is the title of the DeadSide located?

4) What is the catalog number of the DeadSide title? This information is written on the outer edge of the disc in the reflective surface. It may be difficult to read, if even present. If not included, skip it, and we'll figure it out.

5) Which side of the program is your DeadSide from?

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Updated: June 29, 2002
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